One Line Says It All. Literally!

That’s what makes my line of graphic T-shirts unique. Look carefully at the tee graphics and you’ll see that each image is artistically drawn using only a single line. Known in art circles as a ‘Contiguous Line Drawing’, the concept is simple. Once the artist begins to draw, he or she does not lift his or her pencil off the paper until they are completely finished. Needless to say, it takes ability, practice and patience to create a good image. Trained as a graphic designer, I was fortunate enough to attend a great art college where, in part, I established a solid drawing foundation. However, even with that professional training, final results don’t happen quickly. Each graphic can require 20 or more working drawings — typically referred to as studies — before I am totally satisfied with the image. Once the drawing is complete, I scan and import the image into my computer where I redraw it in a drawing program. This step allows me to insure the line remains the same density, thickness and sharpness throughout the entire drawing which is important for good print reproduction. Once I have the final digital art, printing can begin. For this critical step, I partner and work closely with another artisan who has many years of textile printing experience. Every image is properly exposed into a fine-mesh, aluminum framed screen and inspected closely for any flaws. The screen is then fastened and aligned on the printing press and the framed screen is loaded with textile ink. Next Level, the tees I use, are one of the best T-shirts on the market today and are great to print on. Made from 100 % combed and ring-spun cotton, they are extremely soft, comfortable to wear and durable. Every tee image receives multiple ‘hits’ or passes of ink. When the image is perfect and the printing complete, the tee is removed from the press and properly heat cured. Finally, I inspect each and every tee before packaging them for my online and point-of-purchase sales. For me it’s a labor of love to create and market these shirts to the public. It’s rewarding when customers rate and/or post their online comments or tell me personally, at one of the many arts and craft shows I do during the year, how thrilled they are to have and wear such unique and stylish T-shirts. To which my response is a heartfelt ‘thank you!’ Enjoy your visit!

John Stevenson
Artist/Graphic Designer

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